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Ultrasonic tinning machine

Ultrasonic tinning machine

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Compared with the traditional soldering method, the ultrasonic tinning machine is more environmentally friendly. The vibration and cavitation in the ultrasonic tinning machine cause the oxide layer on the surface of the weldment to fall off. The high-frequency vibration energy will not melt the solder, it helps the solder to wet Weldment.

Ideal for large-area coating during ultrasonic tinning machines, the solder is melted in a special welding crucible equipped with an ultrasonic vibrator. When the molten solder generates ripples on the ultrasonically vibrated surface, the coated part is immersed. The surface cleanliness of the welded parts has a significant impact on the welding performance. It is recommended to clean the welding surface before welding to achieve a better welding effect.

The basic principle of the ultrasonic tinning machine is similar to the ultrasonic cleaning process. In this process, the vibration energy creates cavities in the water bath or cleaning solvent. The parts immersed in the liquid medium are subject to strong corrosion by the collapse of the vacuum bubbles in the liquid. Clean. The ultrasonic tinning machine applies ultrasonic waves to the liquid tin material to produce a cavitation effect. This effect is used to destroy and remove the oxide film on the surface of the base material, so that the liquid tin material wets the surface of the base material. The ultrasonic welding tool head is applied at a position away from the tin seam. First, heat the tin material and base material to the soldering temperature by adding coils, and then transmit ultrasonic vibration greater than 20 kHz to the base material through the ultrasonic tool head. The amplitude range is 0-100μmm, the vibration time is between 0.5-10s, and the vibration ends. After that, let the base material cool down naturally. The distinguishing feature of the ultrasonic tinning machine is the low-temperature solder-free connection. With the rapid development of traditional welding technology and new soldering materials, as a green and environmentally friendly ultrasonic tinning machine technology, it has been favored by academia and industry at home and abroad.