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Handheld ultrasonic welder

Handheld ultrasonic welder

Product Details

手持超声波焊接机.jpgCompared with the traditional technology (such as glue connection, electric welding or screw fastening), the handheld ultrasonic welding machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving. The utility model can also be used for the welding and riveting of thermoplastic plastic products, and the inlay and edge pressing process between metal parts and plastic parts. It completely replaces the bonding process of organic melting point agents, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, no deformation, low pollution, firm welding, and convenient operation.

Features of handheld ultrasonic welding machine:

Ultrasonic waves can be used not only to weld metals and hard thermoplastics, but also to process fabrics and films. The handheld ultrasonic welding machine can replace different ultrasonic welding heads according to the size of the riveting point and the welding requirements of the product to be welded. It is not only fast and convenient, but also has a much lower cost compared with the special ultrasonic welding machine for automobile door panels, thus satisfying customers in all aspects Demand.
Small size, simple operation, fast cleaning; modular integrated circuit, strong power output;
Built-in automatic protection circuit, safe operation, stable and reliable operation. The welding surface is firm, high strength, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.
According to the size of the riveting point and the welding requirements of the product to be welded, different ultrasonic welding joints can be replaced, which is quick and convenient.
How to use the handheld ultrasonic welding machine:
1. Connect one end of the cable to the output control cable connector on the vibrating tube, and the other end to the output control cable socket on the back of the electric box, and tighten it.
2. Clean the connecting surface of the welding head, connect it to the transducer of the vibrating tube, and lock it with a wrench. Note: When connecting, make sure that the two connecting surfaces between the welding head and the transducer are consistent and locked. Do not allow the connection screw to be too long or the sliding teeth cannot be locked, otherwise the sound wave will not be transmitted smoothly and cause damage to the unit.
3. When loading and unloading the welding head, it is necessary to use two wrenches to clamp the welding and the transducer respectively, and it is not allowed to lock or load and unload only one of the parts, so as to avoid damage to the portable vibration tube.
4. After checking that the points 1 and 2 are installed properly, plug the power cord socket into the external power socket and flip the power switch, then the power indicator light is on.
5. Lightly press the sound wave control switch, and you can hear the "squeak" sound of the welding hair when the sound wave is transmitted to the welding head, indicating that the machine is working normally and can be put into use.
6. When the equipment is working abnormally, do not disassemble the equipment privately. Please notify the supplier or send the equipment to the manufacturer for inspection and maintenance.