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Ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding machine

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超声波焊接机 2

Ultrasonic welding machineAccording to the level of automation, it can be divided into automatic welding machines, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machines, and manual welding machines. For modern enterprises, the higher the level of automation, the better the production line of the enterprise. Therefore, the use of automatic welding machines is a future trend for enterprises.
The welding principle of ultrasonic welding machine:
The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding is to generate a high-voltage and high-frequency signal of 20kHz (or 15KHz) by a generator. Through the energy exchange system, the signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration and added to the plastic workpiece. The friction between the surface of the workpiece and the molecules increases the temperature transferred to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the interface of the workpiece is quickly melted, and then the gap between the joints is filled. When the vibration stops and the workpiece is cooled and formed under a certain pressure, ideal welding can be realized. The new 15KHz ultrasonic plastic welding machine has a unique effect in welding soft PE, PP materials and large diameter and long plastic weldments. It can meet the needs of various products and help improve the user's production efficiency and product quality.
Technical advantagesedit
1. The automatic welding machine has high working efficiency.
2. The automatic welding machine is easy to operate.
3. The automatic welding machine is more suitable for assembly line operation.
4. The automatic welding machine saves labor costs.
Introduction to H-3000 Technical Specifications:

Device model: H-3000
Electric box display: 4.7 inch full color touch screen
Input voltage: AC220V±5%
Net weight of equipment: 180kg
Rated power: 2200W 2800W
Equipment size: 760*650*1800(mm)
Frequency range: 20kHz 15kHz
Electric box size: 412*320*118(mm)
Automatic frequency tracking: Real time (in time)
Amplitude adjustment: 60%-100% steplessly adjustable
Time mode: 0.00-9.99s adjustable
Energy mode: 0-8000J adjustable
Manual mode: silent mode adjustment
Production start: two-hand trigger switch, European CE safety regulations
Emergency stop: lockable button
Error prompt: screen display, automatic alarm
Host structure: standard round tube column type
Multiple protection: current overload, frequency mismatch, soft start circuit