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Ultrasonic harness welding machine

Ultrasonic harness welding machine

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超声波线束焊接机.jpgFeatures of Ultrasonic Harness Welding Machine:
Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine does not require flux and external heating, does not deform due to heat, has no residual stress, and does not require high pre-weld treatment on the surface of the weldment. Not only the same kind of metal, but also dissimilar metals can also be welded. It is possible to weld thin sheets or filaments to thick plates. Ultrasonic welding of good conductors has much less energy than current welding, and is often used for welding transistors or integrated circuit leads. When used for sealing welding of drugs and explosive materials, it can prevent general welding from polluting drugs due to dissolved objects, and will not explode due to heat. It uses ultrasonic waves to weld metal wires.
The power of the ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is divided into 3000W and 4000W, and the area of ​​the welding wire harness can be welded at a time from 0.5mm2 to 50mm2. (We will continue to develop wire harness welders for welding large bundles).
The integrated design of the whole machine, the structure of the equipment is small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, and convenient to move; adopts phase-lock frequency automatic tracking technology to ensure the welding effect of the wire harness and the wire harness, the wire harness and the terminal;
It can complete the wiring harness connection at a low cost, has good electrical conductivity, low or close to zero electrical resistivity after welding, short welding time, and does not require any flux, gas or solder. It is the current environmentally friendly welding technology and advanced electrical connection technology;
Scope of application:
Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine can weld 0.5mm2-50mm2 wire harness forming. Mainly used for lap welding, wire end forming, wire mutual welding, multi-wire parallel butt welding to form a wire knot
Bangneng series ultrasonic wire harness welding machine adopts copper and aluminum wire harness, metal braided wire, metal stranded wire, wire harness terminal, enameled wire, motor outlet wire and wire harness and other copper and aluminum wire welding as far as possible.
Ultrasonic harness welding machines are widely used in automobiles, electronic appliances, motors, communication equipment, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and other fields.