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Hot riveting welding machine

Hot riveting welding machine

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热铆焊接机Hot riveting welding machineworking principle:
The inherent plastic riveting posts, ribs and vertical ribs reserved on the molded part are used to pass through the reserved holes on the stamped metal plate structure and be compressed. The protruding part of the riveting column (hot pile) on the metal surface is softened by controlled thermal melting, then compressed and cooled by a special metal forming riveting joint, and then shaped and clamped. The countersunk riveting (flat riveting) of the plastic riveting column can be realized by using special-shaped hemispherical riveting riveting joints, arc flanging riveting, vertical rib riveting, mechanical forging, folding edge cover and other methods to achieve mechanical riveting assemblies of different materials Connection method. The connecting parts are not easy to be brittle, beautiful, firm, and have good sealing properties, thereby realizing the optimized design of the structure, making full use of the combination of the mechanical properties of various materials, and greatly improving the overall assembly parts and the impact resistance of the overall structure , So as to achieve an ideal fit, especially suitable for long-term mechanical vibration, large-scale environmental temperature and humidity changes, and harsh natural environments.
Hot riveting welding machine structure:
The device adopts an extraction plate structure, and the heat of the heating plate is transferred to the welding surface of the upper and lower plastic heating elements through electric heating. The surface of the heating plate is melted, and then the heating plate is quickly taken out. After the upper and lower heating plates are heated, the melting surface is melted, solidified and combined. The whole machine is frame type. It is composed of upper mold, lower mold and hot mold. Equipped with hot mold and upper and lower plastic cold mold. The action mode is pneumatic control. Mainly used for the welding of plastic parts such as household appliances, lamps, automobile dissolvers, etc. The heating power and mold size can be set according to the size of different plastic parts to realize the welding of various plastic parts. The operation is simple and easy to use. The heating plate is composed of upper and lower parts, heated by electric heating tubes. This machine is equipped with two temperature controllers to control the temperature of the upper and lower molds respectively. When welding, it can be set in the range of 0~600℃ according to actual welding needs. The control mode of the equipment can be divided into manual control and automatic control. Manual control is a single action, which is mainly used for the debugging of mechanism and mold. After manual debugging, the equipment is automatically adjusted during the production process. The automatic control system is controlled by PLC and touch screen man-machine interface. The movement of each cylinder is driven by air pressure. Simple operation, reliable performance, small size, improved production efficiency and quality.
Advantages of hot riveting welding machine:
Without any adhesives, solvents, fillers, fasteners, multi-point riveting can be fixed without consuming a lot of energy. The equipment is compact, covers a small area, no vibration, low pollution, no noise during the processing, environmental protection, energy saving, fast, high efficiency, reliable and beautiful. The metal and plastic components assembled by this method are firm, tight and stable, and have high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and weather resistance.