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Double-head high-power ultrasonic welding machine

Double-head high-power ultrasonic welding machine

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双机头大功率超声波焊接机.jpgMain functions of double-head high-power ultrasonic welding machine:

Its working principle is that the ultrasonic signal generator converts the electrical signal into 15, 20, 35khz ultrasonic signal, and then converts it into the vibration energy of the same frequency through the transducer. The amplitude of mechanical vibration energy is amplified by the horn and then transmitted to the welding head. The whole machine adopts a motor electric lifting system, which is convenient to adjust. The structure of square column and dovetail groove makes the position of the machine tool no deviation and high accuracy. Adopt the level adjustable structure of the welding head, easy to adjust the mold.
Application of double-head high-power ultrasonic welding machine:

Automobile industry: manufacturing body plastic parts welding, car door welding, automobile instrument welding, lamp mirror welding, sun visor welding, interior welding, filter welding, reflective material welding, radiator welding, brake fluid tank welding, household appliances industry: Battery welding, fixed phone handle welding, socket welding, video disc welding Medical equipment: Y tube welding, T tube welding, precision pharmaceutical filter welding, electronic product welding, tool welding, sporting goods welding, battery blister packaging sealing welding, medical equipment welding , Non-woven fabric welding, toy welding, communication equipment welding, etc.
Configuration of double-head high-power ultrasonic welding machine:
1. Digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply, high precision of instrument and frequency control.
2. All working modes and parameters can be set freely.
3. Output power adaptive load, high efficiency and good energy saving effect.
4. Small size, high power and high integration.
5. The power supply adopts power IGBT module.
6. The output power/amplitude can be steplessly adjusted.
7. All Chinese digital human-machine interface, CPU single-chip control system, high reliability.
8. The guide rail adopts ball linear bearing for fine adjustment.