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Double-head turntable ultrasonic welding machine

Double-head turntable ultrasonic welding machine

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双机头超声波转盘焊接机Overview of double-head rotary ultrasonic welding machine:

When ultrasonic waves act on the thermoplastic interface, tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations are generated every second. This high-frequency vibration reaches a certain amplitude. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper weldment. Due to the high acoustic resistance of the weld zone (ie the interface between the two welds), local high temperatures will occur. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, they cannot be distributed and gathered in the welding area in time, resulting in the rapid melting of the contact surfaces of the two plastics, and a certain pressure will make them merge into one. When the ultrasonic stops working, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to make it solidify and form a solid molecular chain, so as to achieve the purpose of welding. The welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material.

Features of double-head rotary ultrasonic welding machine:
1. The welding efficiency is high, and the plastic parts to be welded can be processed in batches.
2. It does not need any auxiliary materials or chemical solutions, so it has no effect on human health.
3. The bonding is firm, without deformation, which affects the appearance and damages the welded object.
4. Ensure the air tightness and water tightness of the welding object.
5. Original imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, strong and stable output.
6. The fuselage adopts the reverse rear-mounted coaxial direct pressure design, the pressure is uniform, and the welding accuracy is improved.
7. Touch screen, digital welding parameter setting, intuitive and accurate.
8. Main electrical components and high-quality imported parts are assembled.
9. The automatic rotary table multi-station ultrasonic plastic welding machine has PLC precision control circuit and automatic overload protection system;
10. Adopt Taiwan high-precision divider, no error; Adopt digital precision control switch, 1/100 precise setting;
11. Four-point balance adjustment, simple adjustment of welding head; rectangular column, cylinder, guide bearing can be selected for precise fine adjustment;
12. No-load and no-load resonance, no need to adjust the welding head frequency; high-Q frequency converter (vibrator), high output power;
13. Use the turbine to conveniently adjust the body stroke, which solves the adjustment drawbacks of traditional machine tools.