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Hollow board turnover box welding machine

Hollow board turnover box welding machine

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中空板周转箱焊接机Principle of welding machine for hollow board turnover box:
The hollow plate turnover box welding machine transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper weldment. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the interface of the two welding areas, local high temperatures will occur. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastics, they cannot be distributed in time for a while, and gather in the welding area, causing the contact surfaces of the two plastics to melt rapidly, and a certain pressure is added to make them join together. When the ultrasound stops, let the pressure continue and maintain a certain allowable time to make it solidify, thereby forming a solid molecular chain to achieve the purpose of welding. The welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material body.
The characteristics of the hollow board turnover box welding machine:
1. Ultrasonic hollow-core board flip-in welding machine adopts imported super power inverter;
2. The welding head can be raised and lowered, and the mold adjustment is convenient and quick;
3. According to the welding area of ​​different workpieces, the riveting method of single-point temperature control or overall temperature control can be designed;
4. Using PLC programmable microcomputer control system, the welding parameters can be adjusted through the man-machine interface window;
5. The frame is welded with high quality A3 square. The whole machine is stable and reliable;
6. The body motor automatically rises and falls, and the welding speed is fast, which improves work efficiency;
7. The overall structure of the fuselage adopts proportional control with safe adjustment.
Application fields of hollow board turnover box welding machine:
Hollow plate turnover box welding machine is a welding equipment specially used for riveting hollow plates, middle plates and automobile bumpers. Suitable for welding plastic products such as hollow board packaging boxes, pallets, lamps, automobile water tanks, washing machine outlet bolts, PP materials, ABS materials, mobile phone covers, computer keyboards, U disks, mobile phone chargers, etc.