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Ultrasonic frequency tester

Ultrasonic frequency tester

Product Details

Ultrasonic frequency tester
1. Product features:
1. The operation is very simple;
2. Powerful function;
3. No noise;
4. Low power consumption;
5. Light weight;
6. Read the final measured value directly without conversion;
7. Accurate and intuitive;
8. It is the first supporting equipment for the production and use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment;
9. Save multiple sets of measurement data;
10. Humanized data saves memory when power off;
11. Large-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable lithium-ion battery with sufficient power and durability;
12. The instrument is small and light, so you can take it wherever you want;
13. It can not only measure the sound pressure of the ultrasonic cleaner, but also measure the frequency value in the liquid in the cleaning tank.
14. Remote communication can be realized by IP protocol.
2. Function description:
1. Testing of cleaning ability of ultrasonic cleaner;
2. Perform ultrasonic sound pressure detection for all types of ultrasonic cleaning devices to determine the working performance and ultrasonic intensity of the equipment. 3. The sound pressure of each position in the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaner is different. This is because the distance from the sound source is different, the orientation is different, and the value of energy attenuation is different.
4. It can measure the sound pressure of several fixed positions at a time, record the readings, and then give correct judgments on the basic data of equipment cleaning ability according to the changes in sound pressure in each cycle.
5. It should be noted that for any ultrasonic cleaning machine with high power, the sound pressure value in the cleaning tank is very small. The specific sound pressure value is related to the layout, quantity, and tank of the transducer in the cleaning water tank. The specifications and dimensions of the generator, the input power of the generator, and the conversion efficiency of the transducer are closely related. Therefore, the sound pressure in the sink of a cleaning machine with a few kilowatts is as small as a few ten watts, and as large as 1-10 watts.
6. Because the products sold by different ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers are uneven, even if the so-called two cleaning machines with the same parameters, the sound pressure value in the cleaning tank is usually not the same.
7. At the same time, it can also detect the frequency of the liquid in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner, and display it directly on the LCD color screen.