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Ultrasonic peening

Ultrasonic peening

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In recent years, ultrasonic impact technology has attracted widespread attention in the manufacturing process of various parts.Ultrasonic peeningThe technology can realize the surface modification of the treated material and enhance its physical and chemical properties. The equipment has a compact structure and can be integrated into the production line. It is easy to operate, has good repeatability, low pollution and low noise. The portable ultrasonic shot peening equipment has great advantages in surface strengthening technology. Big advantage. The research and application status of ultrasonic impact surface strengthening technology at home and abroad are reviewed. The strengthening mechanism and technical characteristics of ultrasonic impact surface strengthening technology are discussed. It mainly introduces the research on the residual stress field of steel bars and surface nanotechnology. Summarized the key technologies and difficulties of ultrasonic strengthened surface strengthening. Ultrasonic impact surface strengthening technology has a wide range of applications. Ultrasonic shot peening is mainly used to strengthen the forming and sizing of metal surfaces and large sheets. Its working principle is to use the ultrasonic vibration to drive the shot blasting medium to impact the surface of the metal workpiece at high speed, that is, the compression residual deformation of the mechanical surface of the impact surface, to obtain a strengthening layer, and to control the direction and degree of deformation of the workpiece at the same time. Because the driving force of the shot peening medium is ultrasonic vibration, the hardened layer and compressive residual stress layer of the shot peening medium are deeper than the hardened layer and compressive residual stress layer of the ordinary shot peening medium, which greatly improves the comprehensive mechanical properties of the treated surface. Ultrasonic shot peening is suitable for the treatment of various metal materials, especially for the treatment of metal workpieces with uneven surfaces, such as full coverage of welds, forming and sizing of curved parts.

What are the power requirements of ultrasonic shot peening:

1. Frequency tracking range: 1KHz~100KHz;

2. Display screen: 3.2-inch color touch screen;

3. Cooling method: air cooling;

4. Power supply: ~220V/50Hz, rated power 650w.