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Ultrasonic impact gun

Ultrasonic impact gun

Product Details

Ultrasonic impact guns use high-power ultrasonic waves to impact the surface of metal objects. Due to the high frequency and high-efficiency focused energy of the ultrasonic waves, the surface of the metal produces greater piezoplastic deformation. It can significantly improve the fatigue life and fatigue strength of welded joints. After welding, the weld toe is treated to make the transition smooth, thereby reducing the stress concentration caused by the excess height, eliminating the surface defects of the weld toe, and generating large compressive plastic deformation at the weld toe, generating residual compressive stress, and adjusting the welding residual Stress field, and strengthen and harden the weld toe. Ultrasonic impact equipment, as a post-weld treatment equipment, can simultaneously improve multiple factors that affect the quality of the weld, such as stress, defects, weld toe geometry, surface strengthening, etc., so it can improve the fatigue performance of welded joints. The effect can increase the fatigue strength of the welded joint after treatment by 50%-120% and the fatigue life by 5-100 times. After treatment with ultrasonic impact gun equipment, the traditional polishing and slag removal process is omitted, labor time is saved by 20%, labor intensity is reduced, and production efficiency is improved.