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Ultrasonic Disperser

Ultrasonic Disperser

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Overview of Ultrasonic Disperser:
Ultrasound has high frequency and short wavelength. It can propagate along a straight line like light, making it possible for us to emit ultrasound in a certain direction. The sound wave is a longitudinal wave and can spread smoothly in human tissues. When ultrasonic waves meet the interface of different media, they will produce reflected waves.
Acoustic waves are one of the categories of sound and belong to mechanical waves. Acoustic waves refer to a longitudinal wave that the human ear can feel, and its frequency range is 16Hz-20KHz. When the frequency of the sound wave is lower than 16Hz, it is called infrasound, and when it is higher than 20KHz, it is called ultrasonic sound wave.
Features of Ultrasonic Disperser:
1. Can only control the system: LCD display, all data are clear at a glance;
2. Multiple working modes: continuous and pulse multiple modes, power can be adjusted at will;
3. Timing function: from 0-999 hours, can be set.
4. On/off pulse timer: to ensure high-intensity processing of temperature-sensitive samples, the on and off cycles can be set from 1 second to 99 minutes;
5. Automatic amplitude compensation: to ensure that the probe amplitude does not change due to load changes during the ultrasound process;
6. Double safety protection: probe overload protection system;
7. Intelligent temperature control system: optional temperature probe.