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Ultrasonic indium coating machine

Ultrasonic indium coating machine

Product Details

超声波涂铟机Ultrasonic indium coating machine is mainly used for the manufacture of ITO target materials. It can evenly infiltrate indium metal into the surface of copper, ITO glass, silicon dioxide and other metal and non-metal surfaces, replacing the previous manual scraping technology.
Use characteristics:
1The indium layer is uniform, no blind spots, no ripples.
2. The indium layer is firm and will not fall off.
3. High efficiency: It only takes 15 minutes to coat 1500*190MM copper plate (2 vibrations). It only takes 1 minute to coat ITO glass with an area of ​​50*50MM (vibrate 3 times).
4. Save indium metal, and the indium coating is within 0.02MM.
Machine parameters:
1. Use voltage 220V~50HZ
2. Power 300W
3. Working frequency 10~38KHZ
4. Generator size: 310*310*130MM. The diameter of the vibrating rod is 54MM, and the total length is 220MM. The indium-coated surface area is 21*10MM.
Application areas of indium coating
(1) Manufacturing indium-plated high-speed bearings
It is used in engines of airplanes and ships. The first function is to enhance the wear resistance of the bearing; the second is that at high temperatures, indium has good resistance to the strong dissolution of organic acids (in lubricating oil); the third is that the indium coating is firmly Keep the oil film and make the bearing surface easy to be oiled.
(2)Using ultra-pure indium in the semiconductor industry
Mainly used as high-power germanium rectifiers, lead wires for welding germanium transistors and additive elements for semiconductor materials.
(3) Manufacturing solder and glass welding alloy
Adding indium to solder has good solderability; 50% alloys of indium and tin are used for welding glass and glass, metal and glass; indium-lead alloy and indium-tin alloy are used as soldering agents for chemical equipment in alkali corrosion systems ; Indium tin alloy is often used as a solder for electrical connections.
(4) Manufacturing fusible alloy
Thermal signal equipment for fire fighting systems and thermal controllers for automation systems.
(5) Manufacturing indium mirror
Used in warships and other aspects, it can maintain light, never dim, and will not be corroded by sea water.
(6) Other uses
In addition to the above uses, cadmium-indium-silver alloys can replace lead as control rods for atomic reactors; indium is plated on steel and non-ferrous metal devices as anticorrosive layers; indium is used as anode in portable animal batteries; indium and gold, silver, platinum, etc. Various alloys are formed and used in dental medicine.