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Ultrasonic vibrator

Ultrasonic vibrator

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超声波振动棒Ultrasonic vibratorMainly used for boiler on-line ultrasonic anti-scaling, vacuum/pressure occasions ultrasonic cleaning, metal pipe inner wall cleaning, high-power ultrasonic chemical treatment and other tube structure container inner wall cleaning, such as Chinese medicine extraction and separation, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, microbial treatment , Degradation of toxic organic pollutants, biodegradation treatment, cell disruption, dispersion, and agglomeration of production materials.
Features of ultrasonic vibrating rod;
1. Ultrasonic cavitation occurs around the vibrating rod, and the ultrasonic energy is evenly distributed around the vibrating rod;
2. The output power of the ultrasonic vibrator is not affected by the liquid level, tank volume and temperature difference;
3. The service life of the ultrasonic vibrating rod is more than 1.5 times that of the traditional ultrasonic vibrating plate;
4. Ultrasonic vibrating rod round tube design, easy to install and use;
5. The ultrasonic vibrating rod is sealed and waterproof and safe to use.
Ultrasonic vibrating rods are widely used in the fields of ultrasonic homogenization, ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cell crushing, ultrasonic extraction and separation, ultrasonic exhaust, and accelerated liquid-liquid-solidification reaction. Specific industries include:
1) Fuel: Emulsify the water in the fuel to save fuel and reduce waste gas pollution.
2) Edible: Milk is emulsified with sugar and butter to make high-grade lactose, and the raw materials are scattered when making sauce.
3) Cosmetics: emulsification of paraffin wax, paraffin wax, etc., dispersion of oil particles in detergents, shampoos, and lotions.
4) Lubricating oil: emulsification of rolling oil, manufacture of emulsion for cooling, and lubrication of metal plate rolling.
5) Coatings: waterproof coating emulsion for packaging, polyethylene emulsion in water, water repellent emulsion, resin processing fluid emulsion for fishing nets.
6) Chemical industry: accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, disperse the production of fluorescent materials, photosensitive materials, etc.
7) Medicine: Extract the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine.
8) Environmental protection: sewage treatment.