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Hot plate welding machine

Hot plate welding machine

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Hot plate welding machineworking principle:
When welding, the heating plate is placed between the two plastic parts. When the workpiece sticks to the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. After a preset heating time, the plastic on the surface of the workpiece will melt to a certain extent. At this time, the workpieces will be separated from both sides, the heating plate will be removed, and then the two workpieces will be joined together. When a certain welding time and welding depth are reached, the entire welding process is completed.
It is suitable for workpieces of different sizes without limitation of area. It is suitable for any welding surface without special requirements. The welding surface allows plastic margin compensation to ensure welding strength. According to the needs of various materials, the welding process can be adjusted, which has the advantages of flexibility, convenience, strong control and high precision.
Equipment Specifications:
1. According to the different hot plate devices, the hot plate welding machine can be divided into vertical type and parallel type.
2. According to different molds, hot plate welding can be divided into horizontal direction and horizontal direction. That is, horizontal hot plate welding machine and horizontal hot plate welding machine.
3. The volume of the hot plate welder depends on the size of the welded parts. According to the size of the equipment, it can be driven by pneumatic, hydraulic or servo motor. Namely air pressure hot plate welding machine and hydraulic hot plate welding machine.
4. According to welding process requirements, semi-automatic or fully automatic methods can be selected. The equipment has good stability and can ensure the consistency of the welding effect and the accuracy of the workpiece height after processing. Welding temperature, heating time, cooling time, heating depth, welding depth pressure, transfer time and other parameters are adjustable. Other optional welding parameters can also be adjusted. For horizontal hot plate design equipment, the hot plate can be rotated 90° for cleaning.