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Rotary friction welding machine

Rotary friction welding machine

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旋转摩擦焊接 1

Rotary friction welding machine is also called rotary fusion welding or rotary friction welding machine. Rotary friction welding machines are generally used to weld two round workpieces. When welding, the lower cover is fixed and the upper cover rotates to make full contact with the lower cover. Due to the certain pressure acting on the two workpieces, the heat generated by the friction between the two workpieces can melt the contact surfaces of the two workpieces to form a tight airtight combination, thereby achieving the purpose of welding. However, the existing rotary friction welding machine has complex structure, troublesome operation, low product production efficiency, uneven welding quality, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product after welding.
technical parameter
The main function:
1. Four-pillar frame structure. Equipped with high-precision linear bearings, moving up and down, completely eliminating coupling and backlash.
2. PLC programmable microcomputer control system, man-machine interface window to adjust welding parameters.
3. Imported servo drive system. accurate locating.
4. Welding of circular positioning workpieces.
Model specification:
Device model: H-2800X2
Electric box display: 6.8 inch full color touch screen
Input voltage: AC220V±5%
Equipment net weight: 380kg
Rated power: 2200W, 2800W
Equipment size: 760*650*1800(mm)
Frequency range: 20kHz, 15kHz
Electric box size: 412*320*118(mm)
Automatic frequency tracking: Real time (in time)
Amplitude adjustment: 60%-100% steplessly adjustable
Time mode: 0.00-9.99s adjustable
Energy mode: 0-8000J adjustable
Manual mode: silent mode adjustment
Production start: two-hand trigger switch, European CE safety regulations
Emergency stop: lockable button
Error prompt: screen display, automatic alarm
Host structure: standard round tube column type
Multiple protection: current overload, frequency mismatch, soft start circuit
Number of stations: six stations and eight stations
Unloading method: automatic unloading by manipulator