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What to do if the ultrasonic welding machine is unstable

Ultrasonic welding machineThe instability of may be caused by the following reasons. At this time, we need to investigate gradually, and we need to investigate several points:
1. Power supply:
Unstable voltage will cause the output power to increase or decrease;
2. Air pressure:
We need to ensure that clean compressed air with high enough pressure is provided; the air compressor works intermittently, and the pressure is set to the minimum and maximum values. The pressure generally floats from 5kg/cm to 9kg/cm, and the pressure set by ultrasound cannot be higher than This minimum; in addition, there is a lot of air. Tools and long-distance transmission will also affect the stability of air pressure;
3. The frequency deviation of the ultrasonic mold after long-term continuous work will also cause welding instability;
4. Machine failure causes:
(1) The output power of the machine is unstable,
(2) Occasionally overloaded, not found,
(3) Time control is long and short,
(4) The accuracy of the machine tool is insufficient, the guide rod is loose, the sensor flange is loose, the column is tilted backward, etc.
5. The welding material is not suitable for welding with ultrasonic welding machine;
6. The structure of the ultrasonic line is unreasonable or the plastic structure is unreasonable;
7. There are too many products to be welded, and the error is too large;
8. Other parts assembled inside the product are not compatible well, which affects the stability;
For example, the batteries or circuit boards in electronic products cannot be assembled in place every time due to manufacturing errors, or need plastic casings to withstand them, so that the ultrasonic waves cannot be depressed;
9. Surface treatment will also affect the stability of welding,
For example, spraying paints such as ultraviolet rays or rubber oil on the surface of the product, especially if the joint surface of the product is blocked, will affect the propagation of ultrasonic waves, thereby affecting the stability of welding.
The instability of ultrasonic power mainly depends on the matching of the welding machine generator (electric box) and the transducer and the stability of the electronic devices.
If there is an unstable situation during the installation process, it is caused by the following reasons:
1. Insufficient design power; 2. Inconsistent parameter adjustment; 3. The welding surface and the mold contact surface are not good; 4. The welding head and the transducer are not compatible, or there is an error in the design; 5. The welding pressure is too small Or too big.
If there is an unstable situation during the welding process, it may be due to the following reasons:
1. The working time is too long and the welding point has shifted; 2. The welding material has changed, such as the material change, the thickness change, etc.; 3. The welding surface and the mold contact surface have changed; 4. Power supply or energy conversion The transducer has malfunctioned; 5. The welding pressure is incorrect, and there is a possibility that it is too large or too small; 6. The transducer is aging and incapable of working.
The ultrasonic welding machine is unstable. We must not panic. It is enough to investigate the cause and adjust it in time.