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Wide use of ultrasonic vibrating rod

due toUltrasonic vibratorThe application is very wide. Generally speaking, ultrasonic vibrating rod is also called ultrasonic vibrating rod. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate, it has the characteristics of wide application range and long service life. In industrial applications, the use of ultrasonic vibrating rods for cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti-scaling, water treatment, etc. is a very mature and widely used technology. The ultrasonic vibrating rod adopts positive and negative pressure alternating cycles in the ultrasonic propagation process. In the positive phase, the medium molecules are compressed to increase the initial density of the medium; in the negative phase, the medium molecules are sparse and discrete, and the medium density decreases. In recent years, the application of ultrasound in the processing of biomass resources has become a focus of research and development.
Air pockets are generated around the vibrator, and ultrasonic energy is evenly distributed around the fuel tank or cylinder to achieve a satisfactory cleaning effect. The power output of the ultrasonic vibrator is not affected by load changes such as liquid level, tank volume, temperature difference, etc., and the power output is stable and uniform. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic vibrating plate, the service life of the ultrasonic vibrating rod can reach more than 1.5 times. The round tube design allows the vibrator to be easily installed anywhere in the tank. Ensure that it is completely sealed and waterproof.
Scope of application:
Ultrasonic vibrating rods are suitable for the cleaning of sophisticated electronic parts, clock parts, optical glass parts, hardware machinery parts, jewelry, semiconductor silicon wafers, polyester filter/spinnerets, medical equipment and other industrial workpieces and parts before and after electroplating. Can be used as an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic vibrating rod is suitable for Chinese medicine extraction, thick-walled metal pipe inner wall cleaning, boiler online ultrasonic descaling, vacuum/pressure occasions ultrasonic cleaning, various pipeline ultrasonic treatment and pipeline sonochemical treatment.