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The knowledge points of ultrasonic spot welding machine

Ultrasonic Spot WelderBecause of its small size and convenience, it has been loved and recognized by the majority of users. In the future, it will play a leading role in this industry, because flat molds processed without welding grooves can be made into products by this welding method. Generally speaking, it is semi-finished products, thermoplastics, blown films and large flat parts.
The ultrasonic welding joint penetrates from top to bottom, and the heat generated by contacting the mold surface makes the material plasticized and welded. The extruded plastic will flow upwards, forming round protrusions.
The ultrasonic mold can be fixed with a suitable clamping device. The thickness of the welded joint must not exceed 8 mm. Spot welding is an ultrasonic manual welding equipment that can move freely.
Ultrasonic spot welding is used to assemble two thermoplastic materials without the need to design shaped holes and energy bars. Spot welding machines are suitable for parts with high strength and large volume, extrusions and parts of thermoplastic materials, parts with complex geometric shapes and difficult to reach the welding surface. Most thermoplastic materials are generally used with spot welding machines.
When the top end of the ultrasonic spot welding machine reaches the end of the section, the plastic at the distal end melts and flows to the fixed position of the arc welding joint, and the surface of the plastic part forms a convex circular step. You can connect the upper and lower plastic parts. Generally, it is required that the structure of the standard plastic part is 3 times thicker than the material of the distal plastic part, and the height of the step of the distal end is 1.5 times thicker than the material of the distal plastic part.
Ultrasonic spot welding forms a clean welding position, one side is not affected by the appearance, and the other side is a clean annular boss, which is very fast, so it is widely used in car spoilers and dashboards.
Ultrasonic Spot Welder
After the welding parts of the spot welding machine are assembled, pressure is applied through the electrode, and the current is welded through the contact surface of the joint, and resistance heat is generated in the adjacent area; the welding principle of the ultrasonic spot welding machine is that the generator generates a high-voltage high-frequency signal of 28kHz and passes energy The exchange system is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration and placed on the plastic workpiece. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the product, the friction between the molecules on the surface of the workpiece quickly melts the product interface, thereby filling the gap between the interfaces; when the vibration stops , The product is cooled and formed under the corresponding pressure to achieve a good welding effect.