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Several technical requirements of ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding machineThe main components are the transducer, generator, welding head and control program. The design of the welding head has a great influence on the welding effect. For example, the welding head of an ultrasonic plastic welding machine can only weld plastic products, and the size of welded products has certain restrictions. It cannot weld larger products like a hot plate welder. People will encounter many operational problems when using ultrasonic welding machines. The following are some technical requirements.
Ultrasonic welders are affected by thermal resistance during welding. Only when the thermal resistance reaches the melting point of the workpiece, welding can proceed normally. When the ultrasonic sensor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, it is conducted through the material molecules of the workpiece, and the acoustic resistance of ultrasonic waves in solids is much smaller than that in air. When the ultrasonic plastic welding machine welds two plastic workpieces, the heat energy generated is different. Since the acoustic resistance of the gap between the two workpieces is relatively large, the thermal energy generated is relatively large, while the thermal energy generated by the workpiece itself is relatively small. This requires that the thermal energy generated by the thermal resistance must reach the melting point of the workpiece, so that the surfaces of the two workpieces can be welded seamlessly. If the thermal energy generated by the ultrasonic welding machine has less influence on the thermal resistance than the thermal energy generated by the workpiece itself, it will cause the deformation of the workpiece, thereby greatly reducing the quality of the fused product. At this time, other welding equipment should be selected, such as a hot plate welder.
In the welding process of the ultrasonic welding machine, the two workpieces must be fusible, which requires that the melting points of the two materials must be the same, and there is fusibility between the materials. For example, ultrasonic plastic welding machines can only weld different plastic workpieces. If plastic and metal fuse with each other, they cannot fuse. If the melting point of the welding workpiece is higher than 350°C, ultrasonic welding cannot be used. Hot plate welder should be used for welding. Because the heat energy generated by the ultrasonic welding machine cannot reach such a high energy within 3 seconds, the molecules of the workpiece cannot be melted normally, and therefore cannot be melted well.