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How to adjust the frequency of ultrasonic welding machine

The efficiency of the ultrasonic welding machine is quite high during operation. This machine has been used for a long time and needs corresponding maintenance. For the technical maintenance of this article, the editor will chat with you, how to adjust the frequency of the welding machine?

1. Before tuning the vibration, check whether the ultrasonic mold and ultrasonic horn are locked. If not, please lock them first. It should also be noted that during the tuning vibration, the welding head should not be in contact with other objects.

2. Turn on the power of the machine and the power indicator light is on.

3. Find the ultrasonic detection switch on the machine, press the switch, and observe the load meter at the same time. If the ammeter pointer exceeds 30% of the range or greater than 2 amperes, the time to press the test switch should be very short, otherwise the machine will be damaged. When observing the load meter, adjust the tuning inductance and rotate it left and right until the value on the meter displays at a certain position and stops, usually between 5% and 15%, and the value is between 300 mA and 900 mA.

4. For the machine in the clamping position, the range of tuning inductance is generally only 360 degrees. When the frequency difference of the welding head is large, it needs to be adjusted again. At this time, make sure to open the cover and remove the fixing device to readjust.

You can find that the resonance adjustment operation of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is very simple, because the machine itself has set this function, you only need to pay attention to the operation as required.

Note for tuning of ultrasonic welding machine:

1) When adjusting the tuning inductance, the change of the load meter does not mean the power output, but only the resonance between the generator and the sensor energy device system (the smaller the voltage, the better the resonance). (The amplitude modulation switch is also adjustable, but the amplitude modulation switch is not allowed when there is ultrasonic output to prevent high-voltage electric shock.)

2) When the load meter is empty, it indicates the degree of resonance; when it is loaded, it indicates the output energy.

3) During tuning, if the overload indicator is on, immediately release the test switch. After 3 seconds, adjust the tuning inductance and then perform ultrasonic testing.

4) Correct tuning is very important. If the normal state cannot be reached, please refer to the fault detection table. Do not use it reluctantly to avoid damage to the machine.