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Advantages of hot melt welding machine

Hot melt welding machineThe advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:
1. Flexible and convenient transportation
Since the welding machine is mainly used for on-site construction, it will move around, of course, the lighter the better. The weight of imported phase-controlled electric welding machine is generally above 17kg, domestic welding machine is mostly between 20-40kg, and inverter type electric welding machine is only about 10kg. Obviously, an inverter welding machine should be preferred.
2. Simple operation
(1) Full Chinese menu
On-site operators are generally not familiar with English. Imported welding machines have English interfaces, which are difficult for ordinary operators to operate. Therefore, for the convenience of on-site operators, a welding machine with a complete Chinese menu should be preferred.
(2) The simpler the operation, the better
As mentioned above, on-site operators not only have difficulty in English, but also have difficulty in operating complex computer systems. If the welding machine's operating procedures are too complicated, it will also give them a headache. In this sense, the simple operation of the automatic welding machine should be the best choice.
Technical indicators and functions
Welding quality is closely related to the performance and technical indicators of the welding machine. If a welding machine has a low degree of automation and multiple pointers require manual intervention, it is difficult to guarantee the welding quality; if a welding machine has few technical indicators and low accuracy, the welding quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, in order to ensure the welding quality, a welding machine with strong functions, rich technical indicators, high precision and high degree of automation should be selected.
As the name implies, cost-effective=(function + performance)/price, that is, the functions and performance that can be purchased per unit of currency. Therefore, users should not just look at the price when buying an electric welding machine. The higher the cost performance, the better the product.
For hot melt welding machines, environmental protection has two meanings: one is high energy saving efficiency; the other is no harmonic pollution. As mentioned earlier, due to the inherent characteristics of its control method, some electrofusion welding opportunities produce high-order harmonic pollution to the power grid. Therefore, hot melt welding machines with high efficiency, energy saving and no harmonic pollution should be selected first.