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What are the advantages of ultrasonic spot welding machine in application

Many products need welding due to the connection of parts or factors such as safety and beauty. However, the traditional welding process has high cost and low welding quality, and is gradually banned by new welding equipment and processes. What are the advantages of ultrasonic spot welders?

Principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

Ultrasonic spot welding machine generates 20kHz (or 15KHz) high-voltage high-frequency signal from the generator. The signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration through the energy exchange system and added to the plastic workpiece. The friction between the surface of the workpiece and the molecules increases the temperature transferred to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface is quickly melted, and then fills the gap between the interfaces, and cools and forms under a certain pressure to achieve the welding effect.

Application advantages of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

1. Compared with traditional welding methods, ultrasonic spot welding machine has the advantages of fast welding speed, high welding accuracy and high welding strength;

2. Ultrasonic spot welding machine has the advantages of wide welding range, good stability, small deformation of the workpiece after welding, good effect after welding, and good effect;

3. During the welding process, there is no need to add flux, and the processed products have no pollution and no harmful gases. It is a very environmentally friendly welding method at present;

4. When welding, only low power is required for welding, and the energy consumption is low;

5. The utility model has simple operation, low cost, high efficiency and good sealing performance;

Application fields of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

The emergence of ultrasonic spot welders has brought new welding technologies to many industrial fields. In the fields of aerospace, nuclear power, electronics and other industrial products, traditional welding processes are difficult to meet technical requirements, with high costs and low efficiency. At present, ultrasonic welding technology is widely used in various industries, such as medical machinery, packaging, hardware and other industries.

With the continuous improvement of welding process requirements, the traditional welding process is difficult to meet the needs in terms of efficiency, cost, quality, etc., so the market demand for ultrasonic spot welding machines is also increasing.