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Precautions for assembly and use of ultrasonic welding machine

1. Precautions for the use of ultrasonic welding machine:

1. If the switch fails, immediately stop the machine and notify the relevant technicians to close the valve.

2. To prevent electric shock, the equipment must be grounded.

3. Do not make the welding head of the welding machine contact the bearing seat of the fixture product to avoid damage to the welding head.

4. The air pressure used must not exceed 0.8MPa.

5. The electrical part of the sensor and equipment should be free of liquid.

6. The equipment must be operated with both hands. The ultrasonic welding machine is equipped with two manual switches.

2. Precautions for assembling the ultrasonic welding machine:

(1) Ultrasonic parameter adjustment

1. After adjusting the parameters, a pull-out force test is required, and the test can be put into production after passing the test.

2. In the production process, if there is no need to adjust the parameters due to product damage or tensile test. The parameter values ​​before and after the adjustment should be recorded in the daily production report and equipment maintenance records.

(2) Ultrasonic parameter control:

The parameters of each ultrasonic welding machine were practiced, and the range of each parameter was determined jointly by the process and PE. During operation and inspection, strictly follow the scope specified in the inspection table.

1. The technicians on duty strictly check the parameters according to the checklist, and deal with them promptly if any abnormalities are found.

2. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to modify welding machine parameters or adjust welding air pressure.

(3) Ultrasonic online maintenance

1. The welding head of the ultrasonic welding machine will be heated during the welding process, so our welding machine has a blowing device. The project technician has the responsibility to notify the person in charge of the line and the operator of the station, and shall not turn off the blowing device without authorization.

2. The person in charge of the training line and the station operator are responsible. If the welding machine is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately and notify the relevant technical personnel.

3. Advantages of ultrasonic welding machine:

1. The welding material does not melt or break easily.

2. After welding, the conductivity is good, and the resistivity is very low or close to zero.

3. Low requirements on the weld metal surface, oxidation or electroplating welding can be performed.

4. The soldering time is short, and no flux, gas, or solder is required.

5. No sparks during welding, environmental protection and safety.