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Principle of ultrasonic welding machine

The ultrasonic welding machine adopts ultrasonic technology for welding work, which has the advantages of fast speed, high welding strength, good sealing, low cost, clean and no pollution, no damage to the workpiece, and stable welding process. How does it work? Let me introduce it in detail.

The working process of the ultrasonic welding machine is: First, the signal generator sends out a signal with a fixed frequency (the fixed frequency is the working frequency of the transducer), converts it into electrical energy, generates high-frequency mechanical vibration, and acts on the object to be welded; Secondly, the friction generated by the vibration increases the surface temperature of the object, and when the temperature is higher than the melting point, it melts, so the interface stops mechanical vibration, the object is cooled and formed under a certain pressure, and the welding between the objects is completed.

The ultrasonic welding machine adopts the above principle, but under the same working principle, the welding method is very different, including fusion welding, willow welding, submerged arc, spot welding, etc. Among them, the fusion welding method refers to the welding joint under high-frequency vibration heating and melting the joint surface of two objects under the action of appropriate pressure; the wicker welding method refers to the vibration welding joint pressing the protrusion of the object to heat it Melt into a rivet shape, so that two objects can be mechanically riveted; pre-embedding means that the welded joint squeezes the metal part into the plastic hole under pressure and fixes it to a certain depth, just like burying and fixing it for planting; Welding refers to spot welding of objects that are not easy to design welds, and the welding effect can also be achieved.

Compared with the traditional welding, gluing, screw fixing and other processes, the ultrasonic welding machine has the characteristics of good quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is mainly used for the secondary connection of thermoplastic materials. Ultrasonic welding machines have been widely used in machinery, auto parts, fishing gear, packaging and other industries, such as self-sealing bags, plastic toys, wine bottle caps, charger shells, etc.