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Working principle of hot plate welding machine

The hot plate welding machine mainly uses temperature-controlled heating plates to weld plastic parts. When welding, the heating plate is placed between the two plastic parts. When the workpiece sticks to the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. After a preset heating time, the plastic on the surface of the workpiece will melt to a certain extent. At this time, the workpieces will be separated from both sides, the heating plate will be removed, and then the two workpieces will be joined together. When the hot plate stops working, the pressure will continue for a few seconds to make it solidify and form, thereby forming a solid molecular chain to achieve the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can exceed the strength of the raw material, and the entire welding process is completed.

Welding process of hot plate welding machine:

(1) Reset state: When the equipment is in the stopped state or the start state of a working cycle, and the entire working cycle is in the automatic state, manually put the required welding plastic parts into the upper and lower molds (the mold is equipped with a plastic clamping vacuum suction device )

(2) Carrying state of the hot plate: press the start button, the hot plate slides to the heating position under the push of the cylinder, the upper and lower cold molds reach the hot melting position simultaneously under the push of the two cylinders, so that the upper and lower plastic parts are welded to the hot plate Contact, and the welding surface of the plastic part to be welded will be melted

(3) Hot melt state of plastic parts: within the specified welding time, the upper and lower rubber parts are completely melted without carbonization

(4) After the welding time is up, when the upper and lower molds are safe, the upper and lower mold plastic parts should leave the hot plate at a certain distance at the same time, and then the hot plate exits to the exit position

(5) The upper and lower plastic parts are closed under the action of the upper and lower cylinders. During the preset curing time, the two rubber parts are welded together. The upper vacuum sucker releases the upper cover of the welded plastic part. The upper and lower templates are reset to (1) state. The lower vacuum sucker is released, and the welded rubber parts are manually taken out. The machine is in standby for the next welding cycle.