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What is the working principle of ultrasonic vibrating rod

Ultrasonic vibratorIt is an important product in ultrasonic equipment. The ultrasonic vibrating rod generates radial vibration to the rod body through a high-power and large-amplitude transducer. Ultrasonic waves are uniformly generated at 360° near the vibrating rod. Its amplitude is between ultrasonic cleaning Therefore, the direction of use is more flexible. The ultrasonic vibrating rod can be used for any tank cleaning, and it can be placed in any position of the cleaning tank freely. It occupies a small volume and can be used very flexibly. Used inside the reactor, it can be used to accelerate the dissolution, accelerate the reaction and prevent the inner wall from scaling.
So what is the working principle of the ultrasonic vibrator:
Ultrasonic extraction is used to extract the effective content of Chinese medicinal materials, oil, and various animals and plants due to its unique advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate and short extraction time. It is an alternative to traditional shearing technology and achieves high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Modern high-tech means of extraction. The superiority of ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is based on the special physical properties of ultrasonic waves, mainly through the rapid mechanical vibration wave generated by the piezoelectric transducer to reduce the force between the target extract and the sample matrix to achieve solid-liquid extraction Separate.
The simple method and mechanism of ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicines and natural medicines is to add an extraction solvent (water, ethanol or other organic solvents, etc.) to the container, pulverize or cut the Chinese medicines into granules as needed, and put them in the extraction solvent; Adhere to the outer wall of the transducer vibrator or seal the vibrator in a stainless steel box and put it into the container; turn on the ultrasonic generator, the vibrator emits ultrasonic waves into the extraction solvent, and the "cavitation effect" and mechanical action produced by the ultrasonic in the extraction solvent, on the one hand It can effectively break the cell walls of the medicinal materials, so that the active ingredients are in a free state and dissolve into the extraction solvent. On the other hand, it can accelerate the molecular movement of the extraction solvent, so that the extraction solvent and the active ingredients in the medicinal materials quickly contact, melt and mix with each other.
That being said, do you have a clearer understanding of the working principle of the ultrasonic vibrator? I hope this article can help you.