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Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic welding machine

There are some common failures of ultrasonic welding machines, and many friends are very worried. Now I am sharing solutions to these problems with you, hoping to help you solve the problem.

1. No display at boot

Reason: blown fuse

Solution: 1. Check whether the power tube is short-circuited; 2. Replace the fuse.

2. No current display for ultrasonic testing

Reason: 1. The power tube is burned out. The high-voltage capacitor burned out. The relay control circuit is malfunctioning.

Solution: Replace the related burned parts.

3. Start sonic test current is too large and overloaded

Reason: 1. The welding head is not locked or cracked. No welding head, high current, sensor or secondary rod aging or cracking. The characteristics of the power tube have changed or burned. The power amplifier circuit is malfunctioning.

Solution: Replace related parts.

4. Excessive current and overload during welding

Reason: 1. High pressure; 2. The welding head is too large and the impact current is large. The trigger pressure is high and the delay time is long. The secondary bar ratio is high.

Solution: 1. Lower the air pressure. Use a larger power model. Reduce the trigger pressure and shorten the delay time. Replace the low multiple secondary connecting rod.

5. The trigger switch welding head does not fall

Reason: 1. The emergency stop switch is not reset; 2. The trigger switches cannot be triggered at the same time or one of them is in poor contact. There is a problem with the program control board

Solution: 1. Reset the emergency stop switch; 2. The experiment makes the two trigger switches trigger simultaneously. Check the program board to troubleshoot, this is usually an IC problem.

6. After the switch is triggered, the ultrasonic time is very long or the pressure holding time is very long

Reason: welding time or holding time with switch open circuit.

Solution: Adjust the contact with switch to make it contact well.

7. When the switch is triggered, the ultrasound cannot be triggered

Reason: 1. The pressure trigger switch is damaged; 2. There is a problem with the program board.

Solution: 1. Replace the pressure trigger switch or small spring; 2. Check the program board to troubleshoot, this is usually an IC problem.