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Application field of ultrasonic vibrator

Application of ultrasonic vibrating rod in cleaning

Ultrasonic vibrating rod is especially suitable for cleaning various pipelines due to its unique round tube design characteristics. The principle is to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and transfer it to scale, water and the inner wall of the pipeline according to its own rules, thereby obtaining huge energy. The vibration waves generated during the propagation of ultrasonic waves cause the scale, water and the inner wall of the pipe to resonate. Due to the different vibration frequencies of scale, water and the inner wall of the pipeline, the water molecules in the pipeline collide violently, producing a strong impact force, impacting the scale layer on the heat exchange surface, making it brittle, peeling, falling off, breaking, and draining with the equipment Discharge, so as to realize the cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe with an ultrasonic vibrating rod. In addition, the ultrasonic vibrating rod can also be used to clean the tank and can be freely placed in any position of the cleaning tank. It is very flexible and convenient to use, and it occupies a small volume space, so there is no dead corner when cleaning.

Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Rod in Extraction of Chinese Medicine

Ultrasonic vibrating rod can be used to extract the effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. First, add the extraction solvent to the container, crush or cut the Chinese medicine into particles as needed, then put it into the extraction solvent, turn on the ultrasonic generator, and install the ultrasonic vibrating rod on the top of the extraction tank to send ultrasonic waves to the extraction solvent. On the one hand, the "cavitation effect" and mechanical effect produced by ultrasound in the extraction solvent can effectively smash the cell walls of the medicinal materials, thereby accelerating the molecular motion of the extraction solvent, making it possible for the extraction solvent and active ingredients in the medicine to quickly contact materials, Dissolve and mix.

Therefore, there is no need to equip a boiler to provide steam heating, which is conducive to saving energy and improving environmental pollution. More importantly, it protects the active ingredients in medicinal materials that are thermally unstable, easily hydrolyzed or oxidized. Under normal circumstances, the ultrasonic vibrating rod runs for about 30 minutes and the effect is good. Compared with the traditional process, the extraction efficiency is greatly improved, and it is not limited by the nature and molecular weight of Chinese herbal medicine. Suitable for the extraction of most Chinese herbal medicines and various components (including liquid-liquid extraction and solid-liquid extraction). Therefore, the use of ultrasonic vibrating rods to extract traditional Chinese medicine has been increasingly adopted by the majority of pharmaceutical companies.