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Working principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine

The working principle of ultrasonic spot welding machine, in fact, the principle of most ultrasonic spot welding machine is similar, the me series is no exception. It uses sensors to convert high-frequency electrical energy into vibration energy, causing objects to rub against each other to generate heat until they are melted and welded together.

Me series ultrasonic spot welding machine is suitable for welding copper, silver, nickel and other metals, and can be used for spot welding and strip welding. It plays a very important role in the welding process of thyristor chip leads, fast-fuse welding sockets, electric lead terminals, lithium ion, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium batteries, etc.

Compared with fusion welding, me series ultrasonic spot welding machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, long service life and low labor cost. In fact, the me series spot welding machine is a mechanical welding process. In this process, the current will not pass through the workpiece, and there is no melting, and the material requirements for the two workpieces are not very high. The same or different alloy materials can reach More desirable effect

In industry, ultrasonic waves are mainly used for welding. The use of ultrasonic waves to vibrate metal or other materials at high frequency to increase the temperature of the contact surface. When the material reaches the melting point, it will melt to achieve the purpose of welding.

Another important role of ultrasound is cleaning. The concept of washing here and washing clothes is different. Ultrasonic maintenance Ultrasonic cleaning or using the characteristics of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, transfer energy to the medium through a device called a transducer, so that the cleaning fluid flows. This will generate a large number of small bubbles. When the pressure reaches a certain value, a large amount of atmospheric pressure will be generated, thereby destroying the solid matter insoluble in the solution, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning.