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What are the applicable industries for ultrasonic welding machines

Ultrasonic welding is an emerging welding method, and currently has a detached position in the welding industry. becauseUltrasonic welding machineIt has the advantages of fast welding speed, high welding strength, good sealing, low cost, clean and pollution-free, and will not damage the workpiece, and the welding process is stable. Next, I will take you to understand which industries the ultrasonic welding machine can be applied to.
1. Home appliance industry:
With the rapid development of the home appliance industry, the requirements for conventional plastic welding continue to increase, and more and more materials can be welded in household appliances, which require firm, sealed and beautiful plastic welding technology, and the ultrasonic welding machine can just complete it. this work.
2. Electronic and electrical industry:
The upgrading of electronic and electrical products is strong, and the welding requirements for plastic parts are getting higher and higher. The precision automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic welding machine has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and no need for auxiliary agents, which meets the high demand of the electronic and electrical industry.
3. Stationery toy industry:
The society pays more and more attention to the environmental protection and safety of products. Thanks to the use of ultrasonic plastic welding machines, the products are clean, efficient, firm, and free from the use of glue, screws, adhesives or other auxiliary products to meet social needs. Not only reduces the cost of production, but also saves energy and protects the environment.
4. Packaging processing industry:
Ultrasonic welding machines are used in many packaging processing industries with ultrasonic welding technology, such as: welding of air filter bags, water treatment polypropylene filter bags, non-woven handbags, and sealing welding of corrugated containers. Ultrasonic welding is a good helper in the packaging industry. Such as anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps, frozen hose packaging, nail clippers, ziplock bags, shopping tote bags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, instant noodle paper bowls, dairy packaging boxes, etc., all use ultrasonic welding machines.
The above is the application of ultrasonic welding machine in today's market, so it seems that the function of ultrasonic welding machine is really powerful and can be applied to so many industries. So what other industries can the ultrasonic welding machine be applied to? If you know, let me know.