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Structure of ultrasonic spot welding machine

The structure of ultrasonic spot welding machine mainly includes ultrasonic welding head, ultrasonic vibrator, ultrasonic horn, etc.

Below we give a brief introduction to each part of the ultrasonic spot welding machine:

1. Power switch: the main power switch of the machine.

2. Ammeter: when there is no load, it indicates the degree of resonance of the welding head (the lower the pointer, the better, depending on the number of welding head and output section, usually between 0.5A-1A); when loaded, it indicates the output power (depending on the work Depending on the object).

3. Alarm indicator light: detects whether the ultrasonic is overloaded, and the light is on when it is overloaded.

4. Sound wave test button: used to test the resonance degree of sound wave.

5. Welding head: Transmit the energy emitted by ultrasonic to achieve the purpose of cutting work.

6. Vibrator cover (rubber cover): used to install the ultrasonic vibrator, which is convenient for grasping the vibrator for work.

7. Control electric box: generate ultrasonic energy.

Precautions for installation of vibration box:

(1) Connect the power cord of the vibrating box to the 220V1P power supply, and the power socket must have a ground wire.

(2) The output wire of the machine is inserted into the output socket of the vibrating box and locked.

(3) The machine control cable is inserted into the control socket of the vibration box and locked tightly.

(4) Things that need special attention:

a. Please make sure to connect the ground wire to the "ground" and not to the power supply "ground wire" to prevent leakage and eliminate static electricity accumulation. b. Before installation, make sure that the power supply is disconnected and the power switch on the machine is in the OFF state.

c. The vibration box is about 12kg. Please be careful when repairing and transporting. The inside of the vibrator cover is marked.

8. Ultrasonic vibrator: convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

9. Ultrasonic horn: connect the ultrasonic welding head and vibrator to transmit ultrasonic energy.

10. There is a frequency adjustment switch on the left side of the machine.