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What to pay attention to when using ultrasonic cutting knife

Ultrasonic cutterIt is an emerging cutting tool, which uses the principle of ultrasonic to cut various materials. The cutting surface is smooth and tidy, and there is no flying debris. So what should everyone pay attention to when using an ultrasonic cutting knife.
1. Although the ultrasonic cutting knife of good quality has good protection, because of the high-voltage electric circuit inside the equipment, it is necessary to prepare a dedicated power connector when using it to avoid danger, and the operator should not disassemble or modify without authorization. Ultrasonic cutting knife to avoid accidental risks due to improper operation.
2. When using the ultrasonic cutting knife, the operator should take care not to let the equipment come into contact with water. When cleaning the ultrasonic cutting knife, also take care not to let water enter the inside of the cutting knife, so as not to cause a short circuit and cause accidents. happened.
3. When using an ultrasonic cutting knife, a large amount of ultrasonic energy will be gathered at the blade part, so be careful not to point the blade part to the face or other body parts when operating to avoid accidents due to improper control .
4. When using an ultrasonic cutting knife, pay attention to the use of the matching blade instead of a non-ultrasonic cutting knife standard blade to prevent the ultrasonic cutting knife from being unable to oscillate or reducing the cutting efficiency.
5. After the operation is over, cut off the power of the ultrasonic cutting knife in time, and wait until the cutting knife is completely stopped before removing the material debris or foreign matter remaining on the blade.
Therefore, the use of ultrasonic desiccant has certain risks, so in order to ensure safe production, everyone must pay attention to the above-mentioned matters. Have you learned it at home?