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Steps of ultrasonic welding machine debugging mold

1. Turn on the working pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine and confirm that the equipment barometer is working properly.

2. Use a special mold wrench to remove the original welding mold from the ultrasonic welding machine, install a new ultrasonic mold (note: loose in a clockwise direction), and confirm that the mold has been tightened.

3. Turn on the power of the ultrasonic welding machine, turn on the power switch, wait 5 seconds, and then turn off the power switch.

4. Press and hold the sonic test button on the operation panel, and pay attention to the ultrasound emitted by the ultrasonic welding machine, which is crisp, no hoarse, and no unnecessary noise. If the sound is hoarse or screaming, immediately release the sonic test button, check whether the ultrasonic mold is loose or cracked, and take countermeasures.

5. Loosen the binding handles at the rear of the rack (one at the top and one at the bottom), shake the head lifting handle to raise the welded joint to a certain height (depending on the height of the product).

6. Turn off the air pressure (use the air pressure control valve to adjust the air pressure to "0").

7. Place the bottom mold on the operating bottom plate, and place the plastic products on the corresponding position of the bottom mold, and confirm that the upper and lower plastic parts can be closed (the upper and lower parts correspond to each other, and there is no obvious dislocation).

8. Pull down the welding upper mold, approach the lower mold, shake the head-up handle, press the upper mold on the plastic product, and confirm that the product has no obvious dislocation.

9. Pull the function switch on the control panel to the manual position, adjust the air pressure control valve to increase the air pressure to 0.1MPa, and then press the green start button to lower the mold and keep the product stationary.

10. Shake the lifting handle so that the distance between the limit screw and the vibration generator is about 1mm (adjustable according to the welding product).

11. Tighten the holder handle of the rack and fix the bottom mold.

12. Press the red emergency stop button to lift the nose. Set the function selection switch to automatic, set the welding parameters of the ultrasonic welder, and prepare for production.